Corporate Relations Committee

Our Corporate Relations Directors are responsible for assisting members in developing professional and leadership skills. They encourage members to network and obtain internship opportunities by hosting workshops, company tours, and Corporate Connections.

GUadalupe Rodriguez

My name is Guadalupe Rodriguez, and I am a third year majoring in Business Marketing. My goal as a director is for all members to be exposed to professional development and workshop opportunities to better enhance their knowledge so that they prepare for their future career interests. I want them to feel comfortable enough to approach anyone for professional advice, and as well as take action towards their goals before graduation.

Stephanie Torres

Hi my name is Stephanie Torres and I am a 3rd year Business Management major with a minor in Political Science. My goals this semester for HSBA as Corporate Relations director include: Giving members an in-depth look into the corporate world, presenting internships curated to their wants/needs, and to encourage personal growth within oneself in professional settings so they can land any job they dream!