Alumni Relations Committee

Our Alumni Relations Directors are responsible for maintaining and expanding strong relations with our alumni. They oversee the Alumni Mentorship Program, and organize the Alumni Mixer and Alumni Game. In addition, our directors manage the HSBA Alumni Facebook group page, and HSBA Alumni Instagram profile.

Janet Carranza

Hello, my name is Janet Carranza. I am a junior majoring in Marketing. My primary goal as one of the Alumni Directors of HSBA is to bring together our fellow HSBA alumni and our current HSBA members by conducting alumni affiliated events in order to build long lasting relationships within our familia.

Liviang Cuevas

My name is Liviang Cuevas and I am a fourth-year, Finance major. As one of HSBA’s Alumni Relations Director, my goal is to serve our alumni by highlighting their achievements and current projects through the “Catching Up with Our Alumni” series. I am also aiming to enhance our members’ and directors’ personal and professional growth through the Alumni Mentoring Program.